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Our Story

Andrea Drakenberg and Ellen Sjölin met in 2000 when they where living and working in New York City. They both loved the city pulse but also discovered a shared longing for the Scandinavian nature’s untouched elegance. It was not until many years later, in 2009 when Andrea Drakenberg had completed her degree in silversmithing and jewellery design at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and Ellen Sjölin had  a masters degree in economics from Linköping University, that they decided to capture that Nordic essence and make it wearable.

THE COLLECTION. The collection is made from 925 silver, oxidised silver, 18K gold and diamonds. The materials reflect the Scandinavian seasons of light and darkness. Objects from the Nordic nature’s own grounds, like leafs, pines from al- der trees, broken pods and stones shapes the timeless design that DRAKENBERG creates. The jewellery breathes both strength and an elegant fragility, inspired by Swedish nature.

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TIMELESSNESS. Nature is, despite its shifts in seasons and constant surprise, a symbol for timelessness. Where a leaf has grown and then fallen to the ground, a new leaf will grow again. It stands for endless change that never stops to evoke feelings. A piece of jewellery from Drakenberg Sjölin can be picked up and worn again and again, no matter where or when.

SIMPLICITY. There is a strength that shouldn’t be overworked or overstated. Strength in that which can stand on it’s own but also be a part of something bigger. A Drakenberg Sjölin jewellery should always add that little extra without overshadowing the wearer’s own personality.

RAW ELEGANCE. When the effortless of nature’s asymmetry meets modern design philosophy a self-evident and urban naturalness emerges. Drakenberg Sjölin stands for raw elegance that combines classical with innovation.

THOUGHTFULNESS. A piece of jewellery is something personal and, if loved, will follow a person throughout life and then live on through next generations. Therefore jewellery has a history and says something about the wearer. For Drakenberg Sjölin it is important to put a lot of attentions into details, so that each piece of jewellery will be a comfortable, beautiful, uncomplicated and beloved friend to join you on the journey of life. Just like the intricate pattern of the leaf that keeps fascinating through out time.

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