It is now 10 years since we, Andrea Drakenberg and Ellen Sjölin started DRAKENBERG SJÖLIN. Our desire has been to capture nature's untouched elegance. All of its magical moments, its strength and details, and transform them into jewelry that can accompany you through life.
The deliberate details with the asymmetrical shapes creates a raw
elegance and a delicate balance in the expression of each piece. 


The jewelleries are designed for comfort and simplicity and breathes both strength and an elegant fragility.
They enunciate a strong and personal, yet an elegant and classical look depending on the bearers styling of choice.
"A jewelry from Drakenberg Sjölin should give
that little extra without overshadowing the wearer's own personality"

- Ellen Sjölin, CO Founder

Combining nordic elegance with a modern minimalistic look
Our jewelry is made to be used over and over again, no matter where and when. A jewelry from Drakenberg Sjölin is something personal, and if loved it will follow you life out and on for generations.


"We strive to design jewelry that makes
you feel the strength and beauty in what is natural"
- Andrea Drakenberg, CO Founder & Creative Director
Thank you for following us on this fantastic journey!
Andrea Drakenberg & Ellen Sjölin