What are the greatest enigmas of our time? Our purpose, the meaning of life or our very existence itself? These questions make us go deeper within ourselves, sometimes to find answers, sometimes to find acceptance. The exploration allows us to connect with our roots and our faith. Despite our differences, we are all one. Everything is connected.


Gardenia, the most graceful flower of them all, will turn into bloom only when given the care and respect it deserves. Once it does, the majestic silky petals reveal their full glory. It dazzles in the summer night and fills the air with sweet scent. Take care of your inner self and you will bloom too.


Love, love, love. The world needs more love! Love for yourself, your partner, family, friends, our nature and all living things. The strength of love, where two becomes one, is the power that will overcome all. Spread your love and it will reward you tenfold. ❤

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