The serene beauty of water

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  • Aqua swirl small studs

  • Stardust grande ring polished

  • Pacific small necklace

  • Pacific bracelet

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Step into our world and get inspired by reading The Journal. We share the thoughts behind our jewelry and the forces of nature.

Introducing Pacific Collection

“The Pacific stretches far and wide showing its endless blue palette with breathtaking sight. From gentle to stormy waves, its ebb and flow is a natural wonder. And its magical…
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Design Process

It all starts with a moment The design process of a Drakenberg Sjölin jewellery begins with finding inspiration.– We find it in moments in nature. It might be waves rolling…
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Drops design inspiration

“Small drops of mist float high in the sky. As they come to rest on the surface of nature they find each other, connect and build a new shape together.…
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A story behind the design

Designed for comfort and simplicity, with a timelessness and raw elegance. Each jewellery piece is carefully made by hand.

Recycled Silver & Gold

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