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  • Aqua bracelet

  • Les Amis small single bracelet

  • Loving Heart drop necklace gold

  • Orbit studs

  • Petite Pearl necklace

  • Stardust drop bracelet polished

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Step into our world and get inspired by reading The Journal. We share the thoughts behind our jewelry and the forces of nature.

Design Process

It all starts with a moment The design process of a Drakenberg Sjölin jewellery begins with finding inspiration.– We find it in moments in nature. It might be waves rolling…
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Drops design inspiration

“Small drops of mist float high in the sky. As they come to rest on the surface of nature they find each other, connect and build a new shape together.…
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The creative consciousness of Gaia

What would this planet be without the consciousness of Gaia? Just as we have a body and a consciousness, so does this planet. This concoiusness is called Gaia in Sanscrit.…
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Recycled Silver & Gold

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