The fascination of leaves

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We are all much like leaves
– frail, yet incredibly strong

The leaf, small and fragile yet profound, is a symbol of nature´s wonder. In an infinite display of diversity and shapes they have the power of both beauty and photosynthesis, a true lifeforce.

We are fascinated with the leaf. It seems so frail, yet it is so strong. So strong that it can leave an imprint in silver just with pressing. That is how we create Leaf Collection, by pressing dried leaves against silver. Each pattern is entirely unique just as no two leaves are the same.

The delicate leaf with its intricate pattern keeps the sturdiest tree alive for years.

Pressed against the silver it creates a unique pattern for each side of the pendant. Treasure these unique leaves. Once dry and about to be composed, now eternalized in the form of a beautiful necklace, earring or bracelet.