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Drakenberg Sjölin is a close and creative team with headquarters in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Our brand values Timelessness, Simplicity, Raw elegance and Thoughtfulness are reflected in all of our work, from Drakenberg Sjölin’s jewellery design to our teamwork at the office and in stores. We’re always looking for new talents to join us in our constantly growing organisation.



  • Andrea Drakenberg and Ellen Sjölin started the company year 2009 and have after only a few years established themselves as one of the most influental jewellery brands on the Swedish market.
  • We have over 100 retailers, most of them represented in Sweden and the following in the United Kingdom.
  •  – Each collection has its own story to make each piece personal for the bearer.


 With love from, DRAKENBERG Sjölin’s team