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Le Pearl earrings

Earrings 925 sterling silver and freshwater pearl

Size: 1,2 x 5,7 cm


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Silver is a delicate material in which the surroundings affects its look. Put your jewelry as the last step of your beauty routine. Hairspray, perfume, makeup and soap gives a matt silver surface. Silver reacts with various substances, such as make-up, minerals from our skin and impurities, and may therefore darken over time. This can be prevented by cleaning your items with a silver polish cloth or silver dip. Try to do it as often as possible. Store your precious jewelry in the accompanying jewelry box.


Gold can also be affected over time but is a much stronger material. The process of dullness and darkness takes longer time, and therefore doesn’t need as much polishing. When you need to polish your golden jewellery make sure to use a gold polish cloth or gold dip. We always recommend to take off your jewellery before training, showering/bathing and before going to bed, to keep your pieces glowing. And when not in use, store them in the supplied box.

Diamonds, Pearls and Gemstones.

All of these materials should not be polished in a silver or gold dip. It rather needs a more gentle polishing, susch as with a untreated cloth. Dirt that have got stuck in between the setting around the stone/pearl can be cleaned with a small soft brush. Since these materials should not be exposed to dry surroundings or high moisture, keep in mind to store them in the supplied box.

1890 kr

Le Pearl
For years and years the pearl has been significant for beauty. Beauty that nature created, all by itself. We have seen our mothers, and their mothers wear their pearls for special occasions. Passed on for generations. A classic never to wither, never to fade.

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