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Petite pearl bracelet

Bracelet 925 sterling silver and freshwater pearl

Adjustable at 16 & 17 & 18 cm


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Silver is a delicate material and the surroundings will affect its appearance. Put your jewelry on as the last step of your beauty routine. Hairspray, perfume, make-up and soap can dull the surface. Silver reacts with different substances, such as make-up, minerals from our skin and impurities and can therefore darken during time. This can be helped by cleaning your items with a SILVER POLISH CLOTH or a SILVER DIP Try to do it as often as you can. Then store your precious pieces in the supplied jewelry box.

Oxidised silver
Oxidised silver is 925 sterling silver that has been dipped in oxidization fluid, which gives it its dark grey surface. The oxidised surface will gradually wear off and become lighter in its appearance after long time use. You can slow the process down by keeping your jewelry in a box when it’s not in use. You can always re-oxidise the surface if you want the appearance to return to the dark grey look. Re-oxidising is very simple. Contact us or any other jewelry specialist and we will take care of it.

690 kr

In the deepest oceans great treasures are hiding. Shimmering pearls are charming us with their timeless elegance and grace. A precious gift from nature that took years to create, from the smallest grain of sand into pure perfection. Treat your pearls with love and care, and it will give you eternal beauty. 

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