We have this one beautiful planet and we all need to see what we can do to look after it better

Eco Friendly & Ethically sourced:

In december 2020 we launched Love Heart, a necklace and earring made in 9 carat recycled gold and with lab-grown diamonds. We see this as a step towards a more sustainable product where the result, the stone, is the same but the process is new. The diamond is exactly like a “real”, only without unnecessary impact on our earth.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (or CVD) is a special process that have made it possible to create a real diamond in labs. It is a unique and innovative process that allows carbon atoms to attach to the seed diamond layer by layer. Everything from the internal atomic structure to the glittering result is identical to the classic mined diamond. The CVD process produce a beautiful, genuine diamond.

We have made it our daily mission to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible

Our aim is to create jewellery that can be worn for a lifetime and hand down to next generation. A modern yet timeless look that doesn’t go out of style.


Behind every piece of jewelry is a nature-inspired timeless design with focus on sustainability. We only work with silver and gold which is 100% recyclable material. Drakenberg Sjölin stands for thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness for nature and its majestic power.

Love Unite Collection, made in recycled silver is inspired by the love for yourself, our nature and all living things.

From 2020, the majority of our entire collection will be in recycled silver and gold. We are aiming for a future where the entire Drakenberg Sjölin range is environmentally conscious jewelry created solely in recycled materials. We believe in thoughtfulness, sustainability and taking our responsibility for our planet.


We streamline our production and monitor our carbon footprint and take measurements to lower the impact that we have on our planet. We compensate for the carbon omission that our employers have in their work for us.


Our jewellery boxes are locally produced and created in accordance with FSC’s rules for forestry and traceability. In other words, a work process that takes people and the environment into consideration.

Each box has a reference number at the bottom for increased traceability that provides transparency throughout the production process. The paper used in our boxes is an FSC mix. This means that it is a mixture between recycled and newly produced paper. In order to maintain a structural quality in the jewelry boxes, a certain amount of the material must be newly produced. The shopping bag is also FSC-labeled, with a reference production number.

What is FSC?

FSC or the ”Forest Stewardship Council” is an international organization that works for the world’s forests through environmental adaptation, social responsibility and economic viability. The above factors in the production of paper items are secured by the FSC certification system.

Certified companies follow FSC’s rules for forestry and traceability. Those who follow the rules receive the FSC brand. The FSC mark enables consumers and companies to choose products from wood that come from responsible forestry. A forestry that takes people and the environment into consideration.

The forest gives us clean water, fresh air and helps slow down global warming. It provides food, medicine and important natural resources such as timber and paper. Responsible forestry ensures that the forest can also provide these benefits in the long term. We who participate in FSC want to contribute to this.

What happens when I recycle my box?

Paper products like packaging is an example of forest products that can be recycled up to seven times.

When the boxes reach the paper mill, the packages are dissolved with water in a rotating barrel. This causes the packages to be broken down and split into fibers. The fibers are then separated from other materials and placed on a cloth with drainage holes. When the water has run off, the dry fibers are compressed with other layers that eventually form a whole new package. After several stages of recycling the material can no longer be recycled, because the fibers lose their strength. When this happens the packaging ends up in combustion and eventually becomes heat and energy.


A piece of jewelry from Drakenberg Sjölin is something personal and if it is loved, it will follow with life out and on for generations. Take care of your jewelry, use it often and give the love needed for durability and eternal life.

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We strive to continue our environmental goals together with you to contribute to a better world.