What would this planet be without the consciousness of Gaia?
Just as we have a body and a consciousness, so does this planet.

This concoiusness is called Gaia in Sanscrit. We hear her guidance, we feel her natural rhythm, her balance, her calm presence. Daily we have the opportunity to discover her beauty and creativity in all her creations. The beauty she is able to produce with such engineering, harmony and contribution to the whole. The creativity, the multitude of expression, all in line with harmony.

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Lovingly she is calling us to the present moment, with the scent of a flower, the glimmer of the sea, the cool soft breeze. She is calling us to surrender to the now where we are one with her and all life in the universe.

Reflecting on her creations is our way of connecting with her and highlighting the amazing artist that she is. We are all one with Gaia and the beautiful consciousness that she is, that is how beautiful humanity truly is.

We drop our illusions, our fears and surrender to the loving presence of Gaia.

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