It all starts with a moment

The design process of a Drakenberg Sjölin jewellery begins with finding inspiration.
– We find it in moments in nature.

It might be waves rolling back and forth, opening buds, falling leaves in autumn, sunrays through the crown of the trees, wind playing in the surface of the lake or simply love. There are so many precious moments around us and we want to capture these moments and make them wearable.

  • Orbit drop bracelet gold
    Orbit drop bracelet gold
  • Orbit drop necklace gold
    Orbit drop necklace gold
  • Orbit drop studs gold
    Orbit drop studs gold
  • Orbit studs
    Orbit studs

In some cases, the inspiration is just that moment, in other cases the moment is in the design process itself. The basic component for this moment is a blank piece of paper, a pen, the present, creativity and time. To trust in the process itself is important, to give it time, just draw without thinking too much and the process will have its way.

It is in this moment we find the raw elegance that is one of our foundations.

Raw elegance is when a shape feels just perfectly natural, like it has found it´s perfect state, usually it is not completely symmetrical but has a certain unregular balance, just as you find in nature and all around us. Nature is not symmetrical, but still, it is in balance. Sometimes the raw elegance is in a shape, sometimes a surface and sometimes it is in the way the jewellery itself is put together.

Once the shape is found you feel it instantly. It has a certain calm in it, it is not to overworked or overstated. Now the collection takes form. Always starting with a pair of big earrings since it is the most satisfying piece to make, and, also the most fun to wear if you ask me. All details of comfort are important, all jewelleries must be carefully made for the bearer to feel comfortable at all times.”

– Andrea Drakenberg, Creative Director & Co founder

Once the collection is drawn it will be sent to our factory in Turkey. Having worked with the same company for many years, and them exclusively working with us, we have a deep understanding and our own language of shapes and details. The jewelleries are made and once they arrive, we might change some details in our own studio in Stockholm before making a decision of the final result.

  • Gaias Grace drop bracelet gold
    Gaias Grace drop bracelet gold
  • Gaias Grace small single necklace long
    Gaias Grace small single necklace long
  • Gaias Grace earrings
    Gaias Grace earrings
  • Gaias Grace single bracelet
    Gaias Grace single bracelet