“The Pacific stretches far and wide showing its endless blue palette with breathtaking sight. From gentle to stormy waves, its ebb and flow is a natural wonder. And its magical sunsets balance perfectly on the horizon.

– Pacific Collection

Introducing Pacific Collection. Inspired by the serene beauty of water, the vastness and grandeur waves. Jewellery pieces feature breathtaking wave patterns and curves that symbolize the depth and richness of aquatic life.

A brand new statement collecton breathing Drakenberg Sjölin with the organic shapes made in polished silver.

Water in all its different shapes has always been a great source of inspiration. The shapes are endless and it has the power of both tranquility and grandeur at the same time which fascinates me.

– Andrea Drakenberg, Creative Director & Co founder

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With a strong design and majestic radiance, statement jewellery made in recycled silver.

  • Pacific necklace
    Pacific necklace
  • Pacific earrings
    Pacific earrings
  • Pacific collier
    Pacific collier
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  • Pacific small studs
    Pacific small studs